How many web design companies understand marketing?

    Don't just talk to web design companies about building your companies web site. How many times have you switched web design companies? Had a new we site built but not satisfied with your website? Are you spending money on your website but never seem to get a return on your investment?

    If you’ve answered ‘YES’ to any of those questions, it is time you thought about your web site in more detail. When talking to web site companies you need to ask if they understand your business and customers.

    Having a website for your business should let potential customers see your business 24/7, 356 days a year. It needs to stand out and deliver your business plan.
    Who do you think potential customers want to see? An ugly website, difficult to view on a mobile phone and gives the wrong messaging. Or the website that can be viewed on a mobile phone thats attractive and gives the right message.

    Why choose G7 Design?
      • We design and build brilliant websites at competitive prices that are accesable on all devices
      • Compeditive priced web sites
      • We keep you informed during the entire web design process
      • Give your customers a strong a web site they can be confident in
      • A FREE marketing strategy, specific to your business to make your website a success.

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