Ready for the Chinese Market?

Despite the current recession, China’s economy is forecast to grow by 8.2% in 2012. With this marked economic growth; the corresponding rise in demand; and a population which is becoming wealthier – many UK businesses decide every year to exploit the vast array of opportunities available to them by entering the Chinese market.

If your business is considering this route of action, you will of-course require to establish an online presence in China, which would form a significant constituent of your overall strategy. Because of the cultural gap between the UK and China in addition to the language barrier, numerous factors including visual elements are used very differently when developing web sites to appeal to the Chinese market.

To help our clients overcome these obstacles, G7 Design can develop web sites which incorporate the necessary features, and are fully presented in the Chinese language. Furthermore, we can translate your social media profiles such as LinkedIn, and assist you to setup professional profiles for you and your business on Chinese social media sites.

Contact us today to learn more about how G7 Design can help you to penetrate the Chinese market.

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