Consultancy Services

E-business can transform your business at every level giving greater access of your products and services to potential clients and automating much or your contact with suppliers and customers.

Although a thoroughly marvellous breakthrough in communication technology, competing in today’s online environment requires detailed planning, clear industry knowledge and experience impartial advice.

We work closely with our clients to identify genuine e-business requirements and to identify the best, most cost efficient way forward to reaching the best solution by using our experience and technology.

Our various e-business expertise encompass:

  • Developing e-business strategies to provide the greatest benefits to your business
  • Providing a unified information, communication and technology (ICT) strategy for your business
  • Providing a complimentary data strategy (Data management, storage and hosting)
  • Providing, improving and maintaining your on-line business competitive edge
  • Bring you the processes and ICT to transform your business up to the highest standards of technology.
  • Maximising the return on your investment in technology

Whether you are just venturing into e-commerce/e-business or you require some detailed consultancy or strategic planning, we can help. By using our extensive knowledge base, at G7 Design we can help you select and implement the best technologies and fulfil your e-business or e-commerce requirements.

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