Content Management

With the high expectations placed on your business, it is important that your web site contains up-to-date and relevant information, which may need to be edited on a regular basis.

G7 Design offers flexible in-house designed Content Management Systems (CMS), which can provide you with the facility of complete autonomy to change the text, image, and graphic content within your web site pages.

A CMS is a type of program that enables a range of content to be easily published on a web site, where the content can be controlled, organised and managed by the web site owner. The CMS provides an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly interface so that the administrator can add, update and maintain the content without disturbing the web site’s design and layout.

G7 Design’s Content Management Systems utilise a 'rich text editor' format which features controls and tools found in packages such as MS Word – along with the ability to use drag and drop positioning to move text, images, objects and rich media content to any location within a page. Our CMS software also incorporates unique built-in functions to allow the user to create and modify the page title, description and keyword meta tags for each page.



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