Our Approach

G7 Design employs a unique approach in comparison with other web development firms.

Web Strategy

G7 Design has made the transition from traditional web development, to the more complex sphere of web strategy. The application of web strategy concepts encompasses utilising an in-depth degree of knowledge, discernment and insight within fields such as; business, marketing, web development and internet commerce – which can be deployed in view of your company’s objectives, to procure the most efficacious combination of these elements in order to attain desired results.

The majority of web development firms can design web sites that are modern and superficially stylish, and can setup supplementary elements including SEO. Nevertheless, when businesses choose G7, not only have they decided to work with a company that has a proven track-record of successfully implementing web strategies in an array of industries and market sectors – however, you are buying into our wide base of knowledge and experience, whereby our personnel each bring their own proficiencies to your project. We have the on-board capabilities to bring your business aspirations to fruition.

Understanding Your Business
In the initial stages, we always ensure that we take time to understand more than just your design and functionality requirements – but to go further insomuch as to grasp the dynamic constituents of what will direct your online presence towards success. This provides G7 Design with an appropriate foundation from which to procure the composition necessary to achieve real and tangible results.

Design Focus
The appearance, structure and functionality of your web site will instantly impact visitors and potential customers, and will invariably determine whether or not the individual will continue to view your web site, or go elsewhere for products/services. Thus, G7 Design prioritises ensuring that with every design component we propose, primary focus is afforded to ensuring that we work on creating the lasting first impression needed to motivate customers to take action.

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