Web Audit

This new service from G7 Design Ltd is for businesses that already have a website not constructed by us. We will audit your current web site and then provide you with methods to make your site more efficient, with easier functionality, better navigation and generally, ways to make it look more attractive.

A web site is very important to a company; it signifies their presence in the ever-growing market that the internet is becoming. As the internet is becoming more popular, it is imperative that every innovative company gets a web site to promote their business in this growing market.

The increasingly popular customer habit is to shop around - visit different websites until they find the best deal and the company that looks the most professional. After we have audited your site, your company will have a better appearance, improved and generally more professional looking website.

Your web site generates extra revenue for your organisation. Think of the amount of money that you are losing every day because your web site is not performing and meeting the needs of the customers that are visiting. Something that is guaranteed to annoy any potential customer is a website that is hard to access and navigate, or a site that is an eyesore.

This will lose a business its customers, so to ensure that your website has maximum impact, give G7 Design Ltd . a call, or, if convenient, pop in in person!

We analyse your site looking for any issues or problems and give a list of recommendations for improvement.
Ordering this service does not obligate you for any further services.

Once you receive the results of your site review, it is up to you whether you would like to continue your SEO campaign on your own, hire some other SEO company, or hire us to continue working with you and take care of your online promotion needs.


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