Web Strategy

G7 Design is a web strategy company. For our clients, this means that not only can we design web sites and conduct Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but we can go much further than other web development firms to achieve the most efficacious fit between your company’s objectives, and the ways in which the internet can be used as a pivotal component to success. A web strategy often revolves around an amalgamation of various aspects which include the following:

  • Web Site – Presentation, appearance, functionality, message communicated
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Ensuring that your site can be found by those searching for your products/services
  • Social Media – Integration of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Branding – This should convey your company’s definition and values
  • Communication Tactics – e-mail campaigns, contact placement, loyalty, social media interaction, blog, feedback lines, forum
  • Other Online Sources – All web sources besides your site and social media, which refer to your company. This may involve monitoring reviews, or ensuring directories hold relevant and accurate information on your firm.
  • Online Advertising – advertising on other company’s sites, link-building
Using our expertise in business, marketing, web development and internet commerce, which is founded upon a sound basis of prudence, first-hand experience and seasoned with influence from the academic field – we assist your company to create an apposite web strategy, which provides a crucial contribution towards fulfilling your business aspirations.

To successfully design a web strategy, G7 conducts research and analysis into your market and customers; the business environment and context; your company’s operations and structure; and the interrelationships between these factors, such as the responsiveness of your firm towards externalities.

G7 Design can also produce web strategy reports, which incorporate much more in-depth analysis, and elucidate the most effective approach for your organisation, whereby G7 can proceed to implement the ongoing strategy with your firm.

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